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[Aug. 27th, 2005|10:09 pm]

So, I've recently been frequenting the knitter's crack website, aka Knitty.com. Imagine my suprise to discover that people blog their knitting exploits just as much or more than people blog their sewing and garb exploits! *GASP!*

So, of course I got bitten by the bug. I'm posting it here because as an artistic endeavor of the fiber arts/textile arts persuasion, I think it goes here rather than my regular LJ, even though this is technically Abby's Dress Diary.

Anyway, sometime this past winter, I knitted up a scarf for my grandmother, to thank her for paying for my dress form. I later decided I wanted a custom-made form, out of plaster wrap, which has yet to come together, but that's immaterial. Regardless, Grammy gave me money for a form, and one day I will have one. So what do I do to thank her? This:

It's just a simple allover stockinette stitch scarf, very fast and easy, knitted with one skein of Lion Brand Fun Fur in Sorbet, I think the color is. I knitted it on US 10 needles, and with the stockinette stitch the large needles makes for a very loose, stretchy drape in the fabric. Grammy will like the pastel colors and the soft eyelash texture, and never care that it's about the most basic sort of scarf in terms of complexity, or lack thereof. You can see in the photo how I'm stretching it out between my fingers.

But then, I finished it (minus weaving the ends) and thought, "But won't Grandpa feel left out, without a scarf of his own?" So I put Grammy's away until I could start on Grandpa's. His health recently took a turn for the worse. He's out of the woods, but recovering his strength is taking forever, and has him really down in the dumps. So, I decided a scarf for the upcoming fall would be just the thing to cheer him up, and give him the motivation to get up and about so he could actually wear it once the weather turns cold.

Here's the current progress:

It would be longer, but I discovered earlier today that I had turned one of the center cables the wrong direction, three repeats back! That's more than 30 rows!!! ACK! So, I had to go frogging and rip it all out. :-( Boo hoo. I picked up a set of stitch holders earlier today at work, and I think I may take a break on that for a couple of days -- I'd been working on it really hard, hoping to finish it, but it's progressing rather slowly.

I'm knitting it with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight in Wheat. The color recently got discontinued for newer colors, so I got the skeins very very cheap. Can't say it's super high quality yarn, but it's nice and even, in a neutral, oatmeal color, and works well. Not itchy either, which will be good for grandpa. I'm knitting it on size 8 needles, with three cables, two wider on the outside turning left, and one narrower in the center turning right. The smaller needles and gauge of yarn means that the knitting is quite dense, and it'll need to be blocked when I get done to take care of the way the edges curl. It's quite wide, as well, which means that it's not progressing nearly so fast as grammy's.

Here's a closeup:

You can see the cabling pattern here, and also the stitch density. The flash at close range bleached it out a great deal, so this is taken without. The progress picture is truer to color.

So, having put away the cabling project to let the frustration cool, what do I think about doing for a break? I went to Michael's earlier, mostly because I wanted to get out of the house, and discovered they carry alot of gorgeous Moda Dea yarns, including Dream, which is a mohair-esque yarn so soft, I absolutely can't believe it's all manmade. Given the choice between it and true mohair, I'd say Dream is as soft, or softer! So, of course I had to grab two skeins in a beautiful pure white, which my camera has decided to hate:

This was taken without the flash, hence the yellow cast, because my flash turned it into a big white blob. Take my word on it, this stuff is fabulous.

So, what am I going to do with it? I've been lusting over a branching out of my very own since discovering Knitty, and since gauge isn't crucial for this pattern, the Dream may just suit! I've never tried anything more advanced than cabling, and I'd like to give this lace pattern a try. We'll see how it goes, I guess. Wish me luck!

I may or may not cast on tonight. With all my unfinished projects, I'd do better to hold off, but....!! Pretty pattern, pretty yarn! Ooooooh! Bad for the willpower!