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Civil War Undies, yay! - Abby's Misadventures in Couture [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Civil War Undies, yay! [Jul. 18th, 2005|11:47 pm]
[mood |accomplished]

As promised, I finally present to you, CIVIL WAR UNDIES!

We have here, a chemise and a pair of split drawers in white cotton muslin. I got the pattern online and drafted it to my measurements, but CRAP if I didn't forget what the link is. If I find it, I'll update you with the info in another entry. There were a few problems with the pattern for each that I'd like to detail eventually for the help of fellow people.

I ended up having to take up the drawers as the pattern made them too long, and that necessitated also taking out the crotch, so it didn't dig in. But it all seems to be fine now. Both drawers and chemise body are simply gathered into a waist or neck band. The chemise is decorated with some cotton eyelet lace with a lavender sating ribbon threaded through. The drawers have three tucks, and some cotton cluny lace that looks big enough to be hand done, but probably isn't. I labeled it Close Enough.

Here's a detail shot of the drawers:

There are three tucks, each a half inch in size. They are functional tucks, as they would have been in period, meaning they can be taken out if I ever need extra length in the drawers (not likely!). The blue marks are my fabric marker, which needs to be washed out.

Also, I changed my orignal fabric from this linen blend plaid:

to this lightweight, somewhat sheer, 100% floral print cotton:

The cotton print is lighterweight and lighter in color, which equals much cooler in summer heat. :-) Also, the extant dress I'm working from was made from a sheer cotton with a small, allover floral print, so this is as close to the original as it is possible to get. The original had small, narrow dotted trim around the neck opening and horseshoe-shaped sleeve cuffs, and that small dotted grossgrain trim I found shown in the picture matches well, and makes that detail close to the original, as there was no hope of ever finding matching trim for the plaid.

Next, I shall finish the STAYS!