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FINISHED! - Abby's Misadventures in Couture [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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FINISHED! [Oct. 15th, 2005|01:38 am]
[mood |accomplished]

Branching Out is finished!! Going from finishing the knitting to getting it blocked out took awhile, as we have cats here, and my last attempt at blocking something overnight led to the cats screwing it up. Not willing to take the risk with my precious lace scarf, I took it and Grandpa's scarf to my parents' house, which has no indoor animals, and blocked it on their carpet.

It blocked out beautifully, and the lace pattern shows off to great effect.

That being done, I had to take it outside to take an artsy picture of it. I may actually post this photo in my DeviantArt account as textile art.

I loved the Elspeth Lavold silky wool yarn, and I'd definately use it again. Considering possibly doing a double wide branching out stole in either silky wool, or Doucer et Soie.

Now that's finished, I made a visit to the yarn store in Paris, which is a bit of a drive, and smaller than the one close by, but very cute, and the proprietress was incredibly nice. With her help, I managed to find a substitute yarn for Rowan All Season's Cotton, and promptly cast on Trelllis for my cousin Jeff's baby.

I'm doing it in Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece, which is a cotton and merino wool blend. It's lovely to the touch, though it splits more than I'd like I haven't had too many problems with it otherwise. I've not worked with a cotton before, and I can definately tell the difference in terms of wool's natural fiber elasticity, and cotton's lack thereof. It does show the cables well despite that, and the pattern is super cute.

I'm knitting it for a little girl, and managed to find the cutest shade of butter yellow. I'm sick of giving little girls pretty pastel pink presents. And that alliteration was (mostly) unplanned. :) I'm about halfway up the back now, just past the beginning of the armscye.


On another note, though, the Vader pants had to be taken in. My brain is exploding. Gawd I'm sick of this project.

[User Picture]From: mimsical
2006-02-06 05:15 am (UTC)
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. And your Branching Out looks GREAT! Susan did a wonderful job on that pattern.

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